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Friday, May 12, 2006

When Did My Life Become an Episode of Dharma and Greg?

I have liked boys preppier and more conservative than me before but this particular pairing borders on comical. The Georgetown Waterfront is his favorite hangout. Meeting up for dinner, I am dressed in head to toe black with a big beaded necklace my mom once made for me, and my hair its typical rebellious mess of curls. He is in head to toe Brooks Brothers, sipping a gin and tonic, looking as if he just returned from briefing a Senator. The conversation turns to politics once again, and of course we disagree on every issue. But there's something in his delivery as he explains to me why he doesn't support the living wage, the depth of knowledge he has obtained on the subject, and his absolute passion in his convictions that I gotta respect. In fact, its downright endearing. We watch a Red Sox game which I have trouble following. I go to the rest room and when I return he is despondent. The Yankees scored a run while I was gone, their first since we had started watching the game. I am his good luck charm. This morning on the metro I express distaste for his views on same-sex marriage. He kisses me lightly on the lips and reminds me that "the political is not always the personal." I think about how I have been raised to not distinguish between the two, how my entire life they've been enmeshed as one. I wonder if people struggle over the political affiliations of the people they're attracted to elsewhere, or if this is just a nerdy Washington thing. If Mary Matelin and James Carville can do it, I guess I can too.


Blogger Michael J. West said...

Naw. Happens everywhere.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So he's a Red Sox fan, yet he's a flaming conservative? It's tough to imagine, but I'll work with it. (I guess Schilling isn't exactly a card-carrying liberal).

And I guess it *is* possible to seperate your political feelings from your personal feelings - but if one is a zealous advocate, or works to support the cause, it sure makes it a bit tougher.
(Although I couldn't imagine Hey Pretty compromising her standards, regardless of who she is seeing, so I'm not that worried.)

And I will admit, you're the best Red Sox good-luck charm. Ever! You deserve an award.

- DS

8:24 PM  
Anonymous the good doctor said...

A Republican? Well, you can’t really hate someone for that, I do have many GOP-loving friends. I mean, we all have our faults, why should I hold being completely devoid of compassion and empathy – combined with ruthless greed, against someone? I’m certainly not perfect. And everyone knows that the rich kids almost always have the best drugs.

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, like all good conservatives, he doesn't support a living wage. Brilliant.
Just like all good librarians who don't support literacy, or all good chefs who don't support digestion.

1:37 PM  

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