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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Warning: Rant with questionable language

So we have this website at work. Part of what the website does is list other organizations that we have worked with. As we are a nationally-focused program, we work with a lot of different organizations, and thus list a lot of different organizations. Over the past two weeks a representative from one such organization has taken it upon herself to micromanage every minute of my professional life. This comes in the form of calling and emailing basically every day to ask if their listing has been changed to reflect the totally insignificant change to their name that the enacted a few weeks ago. As I am not the website updater, merely a middle-manager and thus a cog in the machinery of government contracting, it is my job to pass her request on to somebody else and to politely tell her several times a week that the changes are forthcoming. I have little control over when these changes are enacted and it doesn't help that the person making them is barely literate and something of an idiot. Well, her calls are increasing in frequency and her emails now have those charming exclamation points on them, that in my opinion, should only be used when something dire is occurring, like the grant that will prevent your non-profit from closing down forever is due in five minutes and nobody is available to run it over to the grant office. THAT is a problem. As you may be able to guess, or you may know first hand, I do not deal well with aggressive personalities. Being pressured, hurried, disrespected, or condescended to will cause one of two things to occur: I will either lash out with my best acidic one-liner or shut down altogether and refuse to communicate with you. Neither is preferable in a professional environment so I feel now as if I am hanging on by a mere thread, trying with all my will to prevent either from occurring. It isn't easy... Having just been assigned to a major project feeding research to the CEO of our organization, that if executed well could very much create some extremely preferable professional opportunities, the pidley name change of some unknown manufacturing association is not a high priority for me. A higher priority is reading and summarizing 10 policy briefs, conducting internet research, reading newspaper articles, and forming an opinion about a very salient public affairs issue all in the span of three days while getting my "other work done" as well. Who is this cunt?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, THERE is the questionable language. wasn't sure where it was going to come up.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're fabulous. :)

You could always hire an intern whose sole job would be to call her daily to update her on the status that is has not been done yet.... but that you're working on it. Actually, have him call twice a day. Just to keep her informed.

And make sure he can make a decent "dirty martini." It's hard to find good help these days.

- DS

3:56 PM  

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