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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sitting Pretty for 15 Minutes

Blearily reading the Post's Express rag on the metro in the morning has become an integral part of my weekday morning ritual. I usually flip to the back, peruse the gossip, horoscopes, blog log and trends articles before tossing it aside for whatever book I threw into my bag two seconds before running out of my house. This morning was no different. I quickly scanned the blog log to see if any of my favorites had received shoutouts. Not recognizing any of the names, I was about to flip to another page when a familiar set of words danced across my peripheral vision. Printed as an excerpt from the Express's own blog were these words: Washington, Romance, Brooks, Brothers, and Georgetown. "That's interesting," said my still half-asleep inner self, "I recently wrote a blog entry containing those words." Still too sleepy to really care what another blogger could have to say about prepster love in DC, I turned the page to read about how the fashion label Victor and Rolf will be designing a line for H&M. The article was accompanied by photos of a Victor & Rolf show, which featured models in these creepy yet fabulous hats that also served as face masks, similar to the kinds worn by fencers, giving those who wore them the aura of potentially disfigured avant guard scensters. After several minutes of staring at this page and contemplating all the fabulous uses for a fishnet face mask hat, I decided to flip back to the proceeding page to check out what my apparent doppelganger had to say about bi-partisan love in DC. Let me note here that I am a notoriously bad morning person and it usually takes me several hours of "awake" time before I am indeed "awake." So it was after reading this pithy little article three times that it finally sank in that the commentary of the commentary attributed to the blog prettiestboy.blogspot.com was indeed MY work. Damn. Nothing like being jolted awake on the metro by realizing that the blog for a major urban publication has 1.) read your blog; 2.) determined that it in someway fits into the broader dialog of the minutiae of life in DC; 3.) prepared a mini-commentary on it. Or to put it another way--my love life was referenced in the Express and people who I don't know and who I will probably never meet are speculating as to whether or not the "relationship" will weather the election year, a question I have been actively trying to avoid. Interesting isn't it, when a total stranger contextualizes your life for you, no? The piece was accompanied by photos of the Governator of California and his famously Democrat wife, Ms. Maria Shriver, which sort of bothered me because I don't really like either one of them. But I guess that is what I get for blogging about my romantic issues. So on the one hand I'm completely flattered, but on the other, it's incredibly surreal to stumble across something like this with absolutely no warning.

You can check out the Express's commentary here.


Blogger Michael J. West said...

Never mind the surreality, that's AWESOME!

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're on Wonkette too.

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so cool on so many levels... yet totally sketch. In my mind, Hey Pretty is her own little island speaking to those in the "know." And while I believe the rest of the world could benefit from her "snark" and enlightened musings, I'd hate to have her passions withheld because of the ever-watchful mass-media eye. (Although, for all I know, the most exciting gossip is held back, but as it stands, some is better than none...)

- DS

2:41 AM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

Wow. Slow news day, much?

1:33 PM  

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