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Monday, July 16, 2007

Universe: WTF?

Monday morning greetings, campers. How were your weekends? Mine was an absolute and complete mind-f*ck, thanks for asking.

New developments...I made out with 3 different people.

...My friend hooked up with my crush. After I told her the day before about what was happening with him. So essentially she put the moves on him after I asked her not to. Or he put the moves on her. Regardless, there was some move-putting on and I was not pleased about it.

...I appear to be having a fling with a significantly older man. Okay, now this one is weird. At the same party where my friend was macking on my now-former crush, this dude and I get to talking. He says, "So you remind me of this woman I met at a party a few years ago. We had this great connection but I haven't seen her since."

Me: What did she look like?
Him: You
Me: What was she like in general?
Him: You.

I ask a few more questions about location of said party and who else was there. And then I have an epiphany. Yes, we did indeed meet a party 2 years ago. We always seemed to "end up" smoking together outside and I remember having a marvelous time with him. But he had been married and I try not to chase married guys because actually? I'm not a complete homewrecker.

Me: Aren't you married?
Him: Not any more.

Ha! So one things leads to another and I found myself at his house last night talking and drinking and smoking into the very wee hours of the night.

I know his ex-wife, but we're not really friends. He and I have quite a few people in common. All would be mildly scandalized if this got out. It's way too early to know exactly what this is, of course and my head is still spinning from the weekend so I'm not even going to bother trying. He's completely different from the disaffected 30 something hipsters I normally go for, that much is certain. Like he's generally concerned about the well being of other individuals and wants to make them comfortable and at home as much as possible. And he does nice things for other people. Which makes sense, seeing as how he's 46 (!!) Yes, I know that age is just a number, but he is definitely the oldest guy I've ever been with. I mean, he was born in the '60s. I'll keep you all posted as further developments occur. We're going out on Wednesday for our first "official" date.

But before that happened with him, Lorelia and I got to scheming in our usual diabolical way, and decided we should 1.) spend the later part of the afternoon at Dr. Dremos and 2.) that we should invite the various men in our lives who represent "lose ends" and kick 'em to the curb once and for all. Which would have been a grand plan if it weren't for the fact that they all refused to fall into line with said plan, and none of them agreed to come out. And the others we had already very wisely deleted from our phones so there was no way of actually getting in touch with them. So instead, we drank hard cider and over-analyzed our respective romantic situations.

And then I decided to go pay Mr. 46 a visit. Invited, of course.

Buckle your seat belts. It's about to be a very wild ride.


Blogger lorelai236 said...

The fact that none of them showed up is further proof of their jerk-a-bility.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

You are one fascinating epicenter of regional interpersonal drama. And kudos for your intentions to use Dr. Dremo's as meeting place during these dark days when fewer and fewer DC people will cross the river into the Commonwealth.

5:07 PM  
Blogger gn said...

Wow that is exciting! The makings of chick lit or a Lifetime miniseries, indeed. Mr. 46 sounds more interesting (and more like a decent human) than former crush.

5:23 PM  
Blogger EclecticBlue said...

Gawd I hate frienemies. Who does that sort of thing with the expectation that it will turn out well? Is it worth losing a friend over a stupid hookup? And your crush gets an F-minus for going for it.

7:17 PM  
Blogger mm said...

46 is the new 45.

My mom is 46. That's old.

He sure does seem intriguing, though. And he comes with a built-in shock factor, so that's always fun.

4:56 PM  
Blogger mysterygirl! said...

I'm glad that you acquired a new man of interest the same weekend that your friend hooked up with your crush; otherwise I would be leaving a comment all about how much the two of them suck. :) I look forward to hearing more about 46...

5:54 PM  

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