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Friday, July 13, 2007


It came! My new camera is here. Only took 1 day to ship. Thank you UPS! Now, despite what I do and what happens this weekend, it promises to be a good one if only because I have a pretty new toy to play with.

Rock on.

I noticed earlier that I have an unfortunate tendency to always come up with a winning witty retort minutes after I deliver the lackluster one my poor brain settled on as an alternative.

Case in point.

Earlier, I am emailing with *somebody* taking issue with his conviction that cabs are easy to find outside of Wonderland. In my experience, that Columbia Heights can be downright impossible to get out of at certain times of the night.

He responded that perhaps it's difficult for me, given the fact that I tend to find myself there after at 4:00 am after being passed out on the bar.

[Not true btw--I rarely even go to Wonderland!]

My comeback was something sort of feeble about preferring the cool tile floor and that it was time for us to have a lesson on prepositions.

Okay, not terrible.

But, minutes later, I came up with this classic: The bar at Wonderland certainly isn't the worst thing one could wake up on top of.

Then, sometime after this occured to me: Takes one to know one!

Very 5th grade, but then, so am I.

If only I could rewind time and ask for a do-over.


Blogger Starboard Tack said...

I have that exact same ability -- to come up with the perfect retort 30 seconds too late.

It is a wasted, useless talent...

8:26 PM  
Blogger Michael J. West said...

I can authoritatively, as a resident of Columbia Heights who in fact lives on one of the neighborhood's busiest thoroughfares, that getting a cab here is terrifically difficult.

7:00 AM  

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