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Friday, July 13, 2007

What I am reading today

-Does this terrify the rest of you as much as it does me?

Seriously, what is this administration's problem? We're led into a messy and expensive war on the basis of some "weapons of mass destruction" that may or may not exist, but if they do probably don't exist where we think they exist. And it turns out? The guys we should have been worried about all along--you know, the ones who drove our flying machine into our big buildings? Oh yeah. Getting stronger by the day. Lovely.

-And this was *before* text message was popularized.

-Scott Rosenberg, please marry me

-If Face Book and MySpace had a fight, who would win?

I am also reading my text message inbox. Because I decided to text you-know-who last night (who entertained my semi-sensical attempts at flirtation like a champ). He also, I just realized, took me to task for only responding to his party Evite as a "maybe." Oh, mysterious, mysterious me.

In other news, shout-out to roommate Ned for the excellent drive to work this morning. I did appreciate being spared the agony of a 45 minute metro ride, and I'm sure he enjoyed whatever non-sensicle rant I spewed about men and work and how they both suck or whatever.


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