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Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Stuff (for lack of a better title)

No sage words deconstructing alarming new marketing trends today, my pretties. But, just to roll around in the excessive self-obsessivness and myopia that is blogging in '07, I did get a nice shout out in the Express this morning. Thanks, Express. I heart you as well. I was also given a little sugar by Buzzfeed, which is sure to become a new addiction of mine. So, thanks to Buzzfeed for linking to me, because it taught me that you all exist and now I have a delicious new @ work distraction.

So back in December I met this boy from online for drinks. I liked chatting with him but got the distinct impression that he wasn't too keen on DC and decided that things probably wouldn't go anywhere based on the hunch that he'd probably be gone before too long.

Well children, it seems I was correct. He indeed fled the coop. To Moscow. If only we had engaged in a whirlwind romance that ended poorly so I can somehow take credit for driving him all the way across the globe. But seeing as how all we did was knock back several bourbons together (I'm telling you, I'm a fun date), all I can really do is chuckle at the intense transience of DC. And of course, it's always nice to have a pal in Russia.

In other news...Really, there isn't much. There might be stuff to report about work in a bit but I am beholden to stay quiet about that for the time being. Let's just say that I may be quite the little entrepreneur. I haven't infected any more cute boys with my cold. But of course, the day is still young. And as for the one that I did infect, well...no comment. But speaking of boys, Good at Drinking has a fun post up about women's undergarments. Given the amount of energy we spend trying to look just so for our conquests, it was nice to see a man devoting blog space to appreciating our collective efforts. It also reminded me that I don't own enough cute bras. You may recall my last attempt to buy a new bra resulted in me shelling out 50 bucks for one that in no way fits or flatters and now collects dust in the back of my drawer. I should really use it for an art project or something, rather than letting it mock me as it currently is. So perhaps this weekend I will be a woman and brave that world. Maybe I will even let one of the little old ladies in the unmentionables department at Nordies take my measurements.

Anyway. My favorite part of his post was when he mentioned how sexy it is when women wear nothing but men's dress shirts. I used to have a boyfriend who lived with his twin brother and the two of them were hard wired to go absolutely nuts for a woman in a plain white tee and knickers. The very first time I slept over I snuck out of my boy's room in the morning to get a glass of water wearing nothing but one of his tee shirts and panties and accidentally stumbled across his twin in the kitchen who leered a little inappropriately. I scurried back to the boy's room and related the story. He just laughed. That's kind of how it is when you date a twin. That's also when I learned that it's a good idea to put on pants when you have a sleep over with somebody who has a roommate.

But, I do have to say that I have always derived a small pleasure from the moment a slip a boy's shirt over my head the next morning to go use the loo or get some water. Dress shirt or a tee it doesn't matter. There's just something so marvelously intimate about the moment when you slip the garment over your head--how soft and slightly rumpled it is and how it smells a little like them. It's like sharing their skin, in a sense. Even if all you did the night before was makeout a little, the shirt thing is key. I simply can't do it justice.

Finally, I just realized that DC and I are celebrating an anniversary this month: 8 years! I moved here in March of 1999. That makes 8, right? God, I am so bad at math. When I first arrived in our fair metro area, people were freaked about Y2K (ha!), Bill Clinton was still President, Adams Morgan was considered an edgy place to hang out, and I was convinced that I was way too cool for this scene and would be living in Brooklyn within 2 years.

Memories from the past two years--living in Alexandria; temping; my first long-term relationship; first job; learning how to drive (shut up, I'm a late bloomer); Election 2000; hanging chads; another new job; kickball; my slut phase; my own apartment; group houses; meeting other bloggers; Quizzo at the Pour House; volunteering on the Kerry campaign back when everyone thought Dean would be the nominee; having to evacuate from downtown on September 11th; getting laid off and rather than having the nervous breakdown I anticipated for two months, spending a whole glorious summer sunbathing, getting drunk, and reading library books; countless nights drinking on Capitol Hill; Cap Lounge burning down; an ever evolving group of friends; realizing being an adult isn't so hard after all.

Smooches, DC. Here's to 8 very formative years and the promise of at least a few more!


Blogger Matt said...

Yeah, kickball was one of my most DCest moments, too.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Michael J. West said...

My favorite part of this whole post

realizing being an adult isn't so hard after all.

Amen, sister.

4:15 AM  
Blogger Michael J. West said...

Forget the "Amen, sister." What I meant was,

"Girl, you know it's true."

4:17 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

1999... one president, three wars, two long-term girlfriends and a lot of in-between flings ago! =8^O

2:23 AM  
Anonymous zandria said...

Happy DC anniversary! Sounds like you've had quite a few adventures here over the years. :)

4:37 PM  
Anonymous 123Valerie said...

Wow, Kate. I'm in total awe--you're like a local.

I'm also high-fiving you on the morning shirt thing. I'm partial to Ts, but I'm not picky.

4:36 AM  

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