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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Once Again, Ms. Winfrey

Why does Oprah always have to make it be about Oprah?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because deep down, in the inner workings of all that is natural and pure, it is all about Oprah.... everything. Cute puppies? Oprah. Natural disasters? Oprah. My wicked hangover from last weekend? Oprah... and Jack Daniels.

- DS

4:47 PM  
Anonymous MappyB said...

No kidding. I admit, I used to be a huge fan, I got her magazine, watched her show, read her website. Then one day, it hit me. She's on EVERY DANG over of her own magazine. I know it's hers and whatever, but still. Then, I noticed that she constantly cuts off her guests midsentence to relate her own experience. Plus, she always does the huge fake smile right at the camera, not even to her guests face. It's just getting a little too much...

3:48 PM  

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