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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Me and My Nano

So the other K and E turned me on to the joys of the iPod shuffle function the other day, and it has been just what I needed to break out of my David Bowie rut (although as far as ruts go, that's not a bad one). K has a theory that although iPod shuffles are supposed to be totally random, everyone's iPod has a unique personality and therefore gravitates to a certain artist or genre, playing them/it more than others. So far, mine is displaying an affinity for Elvis Costello, having selected him twice yesterday and once this morning. In an attempt to test this theory, I will be keeping a list of the songs that my iPod selects and listing them here for my dear readers to ponder. This will be a semi-regular activity so there will be plenty of opportunities to weigh in.

Thursday, January 19 (am metro ride from Woodley Park to Silver Spring)

Now Mary--The White Stripes
You Look So Fine--Garbage
Smile Like You Mean It--The Killers
Rated X--Neko Case
Chopsticks--Liz Phair
Stranger in the House--Elvis Costello
My Vien iLin--Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Shelter From the Storm--Bob Dylan
Fashion--David Bowie
Let's Go to Bed--The Cure
Huffer--The Breeders
Room on Fire--The Strokes
Take Me Out--Franz Ferdinand


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have playlists for various occasions - or is it just a huge list of music which it cycles through?

(I need to get some new music for my mp3 player.... but switching it from my "snowboarding mix" takes way too long to be worthwhile.)

- DS

5:00 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

I don't have any play lists just yet. mixes always stress me out a bit.

5:09 PM  

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