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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Life As Junk Email

A random sampling of the contents of my junk email inbox. I wonder what this says about me...

Adolph Thacker: Stronger, more powerful erections
Children International: Please help rescue a little child from poverty ClaimsCenter: Kate: Congratulations! A Complimentary "IKEA Giftcard" is pending. $1000.00 valu...
Redemption.Processing: Acknowledge payment options kate , annuity or lump sum Sweepstakes Entrants: College Grad Sweeps Entitlement Document
OralBright: Whiter-Teeth in just 5 days!
Subliminal Pro: Change your mind, and you'll change your life!
ThirtyPlusSingles: Are you over 30 and single?
SBA Funding: fried get government funds in 36 hours
Levis Jeans Giveaway: Levis Jeans Giveaway - Limit of 1 Pair per Person
Career Advisor: Boost your salary. Get on track with a degree;
GetInTheGame: Kate: New xBox 360 - yours for nothing
GSA: Let the Govt fund it
OvernightAdvance: Kate, Would you like $500 by tomorrow?
Online Degrees: Earn your college degree online
Meet Your Match: Meet African-American singles in your area
DeVry University: Reach your potential with a degree
Playground Equipment: Find playground equipment that kids will enjoy.
things to do: Special Announcement: FREE SALSA LESSONS THIS THURSDAY! @ MIRRORS NIGHTCLUB & LO...
Money Agent: positions filling fast
Inkjet Blowout: Inkjets starting under 2 dollars
Online Opportunity: eBay Workers Needed Now
CarQuoteProvider: New 2006 Cars Are Here
My Credit Quote: Take the credit score challenge


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once I start getting about half of those, I tend to switch accounts...

Are there any particular ones which you find exceptionally frustrating? I'm always grumpy about the "You're over 30 and going downhill... try our new drug, FREE!"

Best - Quizo - Name - EVER!
- DS

8:21 PM  
Blogger Michael J. West said...

My work account also receives emails addressed to "publications@(my work domain)." Which, since so many spammers assume that your email address is also your name, makes for quite funny subject heads. My favorite:

"Make her scream tonight, Publications"

2:46 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

As somebody who has spent the past 6 years or so working in a profession where you target specific audiences to give them information, it irks me that spammers place so little importance on research and targeting. If they'd do their homework they would learn that as a woman, I probably don't need magic ejaculation pills, and as a white person I probably aren't interested in an African American dating service. I just think they'd have better luck if they'd be more selective about who they send their crap advertisments to. Does anyone respond well to poorly written, crudely messaged adverts?

3:29 PM  

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