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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Creative New Use of Insulating Spray Foam Window and Door Sealant

I love products designed to make our homes more energy efficient and nicer to live in. I especially love them when they're made of caustic chemicals that you get to spray out of cans. So it comes as no surprise that I should fall in love with DAPtex Window and Door Sealant, a genius spray foam invention that shoots out of a can at a very high velocity and immediately expands to a million times its original size. We have a can of the stuff at home, I think because one of my roomies thought it would be good for sealing window cracks before realizing that its application is permanent and applying it to our sills would mean never experiencing the joy of fresh air in our house ever again. So it's just been sitting around for a while waiting for the day when it could once again be considered useful.

Well that day came yesterday when I realized its potential to re-secure the hooks that used to hold my ancient bed together. Without getting too personal, let's just say that it's developed a habit of squeaking during inopportune moments and that has prompted me to take it apart in favor for having my mattress and box spring on the floor. (As an aside I should mention that for a while I was unsure where the noise was coming from, but a quick Google search revealed that squeaks in wooden bed frames are mostly caused by faulty connections at the places where the frame comes together.)

At first I was happy with this arrangement, but recently being closer to the clutter on my floor and the simple fact that I don't have a bed has started to make me feel like a depressive, disorganized, poor neo-bohemian. Like I should ditch my space heater and warm flannel shirts for rags and a bad absinthe habit. Plus, I really miss the awesome storage opportunities that beds give you. It's like having another closet. So, I was determined to fix the squeaking problem and return to the world of grown-ups who own furniture. Since the structure of the hooks and the frame pieces made it so I could not re-secure anything, I realized that what the hooks needed to stay in place was a sturdy adhesive. Perhaps something that can spray into a tight space at a small volume and expand while drying. Something sturdy. Something...could it be? Something like insulating spray foam window and door adhesive? I felt a little guilty about using it for a purpose where I'd really be the only roommate benefiting it, as it was purchased with communal funds. But I quickly got over that once I saw what a genius idea this was. Yes, it was messy and the Jack Daniels I pounded several hours earlier at the PH probably didn't help matters. But I was able to keep most of the mess under control and re-secured the hooks with little incident. Eight hours later, when I awoke from a sleep punctuated by dreams no doubt inspired by inhaling sealant chemicals, I found the good had dried and the hooks were more firmly intact than I could ever remember. I will reassemble everything tonight and hope its fixed for good. The moral of this story--sometimes the best ideas are the ones you have when tipsy at 11:00 pm and sometimes the products you already love surprise you in new and wonderful ways.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh - I'm pretty sure they'd get a kick out of that story if you sent it into their "consumer relations" office.


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