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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Buy Fuji

Adrants is reporting that the geniuses over at Kodak have resorted to labeling hottie asses with their corporate logos at tradeshows in order to promote their goods. Kodak, kodak, Kodak. As a world leader in photographic supplies you must know that every action you take to advertise your company plays into your brand image. Yes, having women wear your name on their rumps so that when they bend down in their ridiculously short skirts, your name is on display is a clever move. But isn't it also a reflection on your own values? Doesn't it kinda say that Kodak isn't above a little misogyny if it aims to boost the bottom line (pun intended)? I will leave you to ponder these questions as I quietly move to buying Fuji products instead of yours. Their slide film is superior anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe Kodak is trying to break away from their stereotype - the "this is your parents film" image. Maybe they want to join the Maxim-revolution, climbing on to whatever market-trends might aid their bottom-line, as digital tech is close to the knock-out punch. (I don't think film will ever go away... but neither did vinyl releases - but it is just marketed towards the niche crowd.)

- DS

3:56 PM  

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