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Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Diversions

So it's Friday and some friends of mine are finding creative ways to fill in the gap between their last few hours of productivity and the hour when weekend fun can officially commence. Here's the game: Pretend that the show Friends is set not on in Greenwhich Village, but instead Capital Hill. The main characters are of course, hill staffers and unemployed campaigners. Your objective is to come up with titles of potential episodes. As with Friends, each episode title must start with the phrase "The One Where..."

Here are some that we've come up with so far. You're welcome to play along.

"The One Where Everyone Spends The Whole Evening at the Pour House...
"The One Where That Guy Bangs His Intern"
"The One Where Everyone is Judged By How Important Their Boss Is"
"The One Where T-Coast Erupts Into A Full-On Red-Blue Knife Fight"
"The One Where That Chick Gets Fired for Blogging About Banging Her Boss"
"The One Where The Guy Dumps the Girl For Not Having an Important Job"
"The One Where Brooks Brothers Closes"


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