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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I am very much obessessing over 60's and 70's rock these days. So, if folks want to send me their nominees for albums from these decades I MUST own, I would appreciate it. Please don't recommend the Beatles, I already have that covered. I mean more along the lines of--do I need to own a Yes album? Fog Hat? Strawberry Alarm Clock? Which Led Zep album is best? You know, that kind of stuff...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Can you say, brand over saturation?

According to okaycupid.com the That 70's show character I most take after is none other than resident cynic

Steven Hyde

Calm. Zen. Aloof.
These words describe you, and you actually know what they mean.
You are a natural born leader, yet you could care less about being the center of attention. You have a slight problem with authority.
You are also very smart, but only your closest friends know it.
You probably wear sunglasses inside, and if you are a guy, you are likely to sport a beard.
You are cool, and you know it, yet you don't feel the need to say it.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Actually, I think that a cross between Danielle Steel and Jack Kerouak sounds brilliant. If I can't marry the converse shoe commerical creator, I want to marry this Rex dude.

Ohmygoshthisisbrilliant. I want to marry whoever came up with this. Kisses aplenty to Gawker for linking to Fimoculous for linking to 'boards.

I just discovered this blog. Washington gossip blogs seem to be all the rage these days. I've heard DC compared to high school, so this makes perfect sense. Oh, and if DC is high school, my boss is so the head of the student council. I guess that makes me the smart chick who smokes under the bleachers at lunch. Anyway. The Sunday Source. Every week its the first section that I read in the Post. Each week the cover looks awesome. It promises several interesting articles, all of which will surely contain information that will totally improve my life--get me a boyfriend, make me taller, fix my split ends and improve my vocabulary. And then. I look for said articles and they always suck. Every time and without fail. Thank you for nothing Washington Post. This week's Source advises me to hire somebody to tell me how to run better. What? Is that in addition to my gym membership and overpriced yoga classes at trendy old Tranquil Space? I thinketh not.

A public service announcement for the guys: If you walk a girl home and you make out with her for a while and she doesn't invite you up, do not ask the girl if you can come in. If you need to ask a girl if you can come inside, the answer is already no. What then happens is that the girl will email all her girlfriends the next day and they will spend several hours when they should be working ridiculing you to one another. Then the girl will change you name in her cell phone to read "Do NOT ANSWER" or "tool" or "bad kisser". All because you were just a tad over eager to get in her pants. Not cool.

A public service announcement for the girls: If you have a lot of cellulite on your ass, please do not wear very thin white stretch pants with a thong underneath. In a perfect would nobody of any body type would wear that, but fat chicks doing it is an especially egregious thing. Hey Pretty doesn't profess to having a perfect body or anything, but at least Hey Pretty knows an appropriate occasion to wear black pants--basically all the time.

Thank you, that is all.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.