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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Carry On...

So last night's post was not so cheery. Sorry, reality show outcome and hormone cocktails can do that to a girl. We can't all be charming at all times, can we?

So as boring as I found Laura's general work to be, I LOVE the clothing she wore on the show. What I wouldn't give for a closet filled with black dresses of varying lengths and levels of dressiness. My mom and I were just emailing about this. My mom sews, quilts rather, (she's really good) but she said she's been considering finding some good black fabric and whipping up some little black dresses for herself after seeing the ones that Laura wears. I however, have always been a total disaster when it comes to fabric and sewing machines. I have attempted to learn to sew many times, and each endeavor has ended with me breaking some part of the machine after the thread gets all knotted together and the fabric of whatever item (pillow, hair scrunchie, sundress, etc) gets completely torn to shreds. And it sucks too, because if I could competently sew, my problems with finding clothes that fit would be trivialities of the past. So unless one of you is a really good sewing teacher, chances are I will remain limited to buying whatever little black number Banana Republic decides to make in a given season. Yawn.


Blogger Frankly, Scarlett said...

She is, indeed the most fabulous pregnant lady ever!

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