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Friday, July 07, 2006

Shannen's Back!

"I'm sorry that everybody is put off by the idea of an independent woman trying to take an aggressive posture in pursuit of a specific goal..."--Brenda Walsh

Throughout the tenure of her career, Shannen Doherty has raised bitchery to a fine art. Sure, her diva-like antics have gotten her thrown off many a set, but its almost impossible to not admire (at least a little) her pure chutzpah in doing whatever she wants, when she wants. So it was great delight that I spotted promos for a new show featuring Ms. Doherty on the Oxygen channel last week (Yes, I was watching Oxygen. What of it?). According to realitytvworld.com, Breaking Up with Shannen Doherty will feature the famed bad-girl going undercover to rescue women entrenched in toxic relationships. Even as our airwaves become increasingly oversaturated with shitty reality programming, there is something sublimely awesome about the premise of this show.

Does your man tell you you're fat? Sick Shannen on 'em.
Is your man sneaking around behind your back? At least Shannen's got *your* back.
Caught in an endless cycle of non-commitment with your neighbor? Shannen will take care of it.

I'm waiting for a version where Shannen comes to my office and informs my supervisor that I will no longer be working on Mondays and Fridays.

In other news (this will just be a random day of postings) I have to go to a wedding tomorrow. It's for a male-friend who I like, but who isn't part of my close social circle and vice-versa. But he invited me, so I am going. A while back I asked somebody to be my date, but that somebody and I don't really talk anymore, so E has gamely agreed to be my date (thank you E. I owe you big time). Between you, me and the rest of the blog-reading public, I am TERRIFIED of this event. I don't expect to know many people and I pray to death that E won't be bored and grow resentful that I dragged him along. I can only hope that the booze is free or at least inexpensive. At the very least there will be dancing and people to make fun of. I may just bring my trusty pink flask with me just in case.

More ruminations on the subject to come...


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