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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Hell?

Last week, I complained of the phenomenon of the 180-man--the totally awesome guy who suddenly isn't. Checking my email this morning, I was shocked to find a message from 180-man himself. It didn't offer any form of explanation regarding his flip-flop, merely asked (after a week without any form of communication) how I was and what I did over the weekend, almost as if he hadn't been a complete jerk to me. Now I ask you, after you have given the girl plenty of opportunity to delete your number from her phone, purge her email inbox of any sign of your existence, why would you attempt to re-engage her in pointless email chit chat? Why would you care how she's doing? Is this fate's attempt at giving me an opportunity to date just so I can dump somebody, as my mother suggested I do a couple of months ago? (she thinks having the power to dump somebody would boost my "dating self esteem") Is it a half-hearted attempt on his part to butter me up again so he'll have somebody to booty call later in the week? Does he actually enjoy boring, pointless dates punctuated my agonizing silences? Am I that awesome that even the duds can't help but crawl back for more punishment? Does he want to engage me in emailing so he can "officially" break it off (which is totally unnecessary--his previous actions spoke loudly enough, thank you very much). What gives?


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