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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Thoughts About Work

1.) It occurred to me that my job is less about doing the communications work for events and new developments as it is TOTALLY RUNNING OUR PROGRAM FOR INDUSTRY PARTNERS, which includes some communications work but also includes planning and coming up with ideas for how stuff should work. This wasn't really explained in any of my interviews here and my boss has done a lousy job of emphasizing it as the main part of my job. In a way it's like "huh...I didn't exactly sign up for this. Why was this job so poorly represented?" And then it's like "When I'm 35 do I really want to be spending my days in meetings discussing process-oriented issues for a project? What sort of life is that?"

2.) In coming up with ideas for how stuff should work, I think I'm happier just having the idea of telling my boss that I believe it's a good one because of x,y,z rather than asking her if it sounds good to her. Believing that you're right and in charge is more conducive to productivity anyway. That's me, large and in charge, although not really because I'm only 5'2" and I think I'm losing weight now that I started running and doing yoga again.

3.) I cannot stand one of my coworkers. He is totally narrow-minded and argumentative. The site of him makes me want to punch something. Preferably him.

4.) I just had a meeting regarding this program and was asking everyone to describe what they were doing for it, and one person totally lied! What's worse is that he's a friend and it put me in a bad spot because the logical follow up question would have revealed that he was lying. That was a true first.

The great news though, is that my mom is really funny. Here is her response to an email I just wrote her articulating most of these thoughts:

Ah yes, the dreaded "project management" thing. That's basically what I
do, too. I certainly don't "edit." Your plan to "announce" rather than
"ask" is a good one. I am of the theory that it's better to make a
decision now and (if necessary) apologize later than to hang around
asking permission.

Regarding the friend/liar: Can you have a difficult conversation with
that person in private in which you say something like "You owe me four
lattes for not blowing your cover" or some such thing?

I, too, hated Citizen Girl. That may explain why I spilled an entire
glass of wine on it -- and myself -- at Bertucci's the other night. I
even broken the wine glass. Anyway, I thought of you on nearly every
page. Especially at the beginning. If there's a "Lifetime" channel for
young twenty-somethings, it's definitely a candidate.


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