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Friday, March 24, 2006

Unpopular Opinions

Just for kicks, I am going to start listing some beliefs that I hold that others might disagree with. I will edit this list throughout the day. Hopefully that won't mess up any RSS feeds or whatever.

Unpopular Opinion #1: I like popped collars, in certain contexts. Sorry if that makes me uncool, but I like them as a sly wink towards the spiffier elements of classical preppy style, like madras and tretorn sneakers.

Unpopular Opinion #2: I also like men in loafers, sans socks. Perhaps this should be messed with the first UO. Regardless, the look of bare ankles and loafers or dock siders drives me wild. I cannot help it. My mother is a Connecticut WASP and despite having been raised to become a bonifide granola girl, certain penchants are in the blood. Nature vs Nurture indeed.

Unpopular Opinion #3: The rise of blog culture has done something bad to mainstream English. It has infused it with a tone of sarcasm and snark that didn't seem quite so pervasive several years ago. It's getting old. When did we forget how to communicate our displeasure sans sarcasm? Has snark replaced irony? Methinks that it has. I know I'm part of the problem. Note to self: try to pare down the snark. Find an original voice.

Unpopular Opinion #4: Shit, I forget what I was going to say. Okay, More later. (several minutes later) I just rememered. This email made me cackle when I opened it--"Take Back America is the largest gathering of progressive activists, thinkers and leaders every year. And 2006 promises to be the year we actually begin to take back our country." What is funny about this is that the conference has always been called Take Back America, so presumably, that's what we've been doing all these years. But apparently not. THIS year we will take back America. In other words, forget all the effort you expended last year in taking it back. This times its for keeps, baby.


Anonymous the good doctor said...

UO # 1 & 2 - I guess that since you were born with some good ole Connecticut blood, you just have some WASP suckiness ingrained in you. I’m very similar in that I was born in a farm town, and I have hick ingrained in me that will never come out. I have to fight urges to blow huge snot rockets every morning while I walk down Connecticut Ave on the way to my office - it’s just who I am.

UO # 3 - I agree that writing a sarcastic blog is absolutely played, but let’s be honest, blog culture hasn’t touched mainstream English yet (besides the word “blog” of course). The problem here is that too many stupid people write blogs (I should say quasi-intelligent people, because they are only stupid to smart people). I don’t think the problem is too many sarcastic blogs, the problem is too many people of average intelligence are doing the writing, and writing sarcastically makes people of average intelligence feel clever. I mean seriously, who cares what people of average intelligence think?

UO # 4 - no comment, except that I have no faith progressive people will ever take over America. I mean, then we might have a sensible policy toward things like the War on Drugs, and everyone already knows marijuana makes you bat-shit crazy.

And just so you know, I wouldn’t worry about your RSS feed. Bloglines lists me as your only subscriber, and I can hang with you through multiple publishings of the same post. There can’t be many more of us out there. I’m not saying that no one reads this blog, I mean, people don't say that about you, as far as you know.

6:17 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

tgd: Oh, how I wish your profile was linked to a blog of your own. no matter. your comments are so grumpy that the contrarian in me cannot help but smile. thank god i have at least one subscriber. now i am no longer writing soley for the purpose of listening to myself "talk." welcome!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous the good doctor said...

hey pretty: I wish my profile was linked to a blog of my own too, it’s just that despite endless searching, I can’t find one which I am the author of. Perhaps someday, because if anything’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right…

Really though, I wear my lone Bloglines subscriber status like a badge of honor, and I actually really like your blog. I think the best blogs are written by intelligent people who don’t feel the need to prove it in every other sentence, and the DC blog scene seems to made up of either people of average intellect, or smart people who like to show off. You should be thanking me though, because you’d have to be a real loser to not have any subscribers through Bloglines.

8:03 PM  
Blogger McQueeney said...

Got your back on the popped collars, I get crap anytime I try to do it, can't really get why...socks are essential on a practical level though..those loafers get smellin to high heaven after a while

3:47 PM  

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