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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I realized I haven't posted anything of substance since my bummed out entry of last week. Since then I have started entries about such subjects as the advent or spring (more chirping birds=spring, I don't care what the naysayers thinks--chirping birdies do not lie); the "JT Leroy" literary hoax; my Saturday night (hot outfit + trying to find boys for my friends to hook up with + drunk Cap Lounge bartender losing my check card + nightmarish run-in with insane cab driver= impromptu visit to jail at 4:00 am and a scolding from the Capitol Police. I shit you not); and my thoughts on inter-office hookups, but I can't seem to flesh any of these out into anything worth reading. Plus, lately I've been feeling slightly more proprietary over my personal life. But because I feel like posting something today, I am going to make a list.

Random Occurrences, Themes, Stuff I like, Stuff I Don't For the Week of March 9, 2006

-I love it when people who are normally mild-mannered in temperament use sarcasm as a mode of personal expression. Nothing to me is sexier or wittier than when non-sarcastic people bust out with scortchingly sarcastic gems, especially when employed in order to stand up for me, while mildly joshing others. I think its that unexpected contrast in demeanor. Wit is good. Spontaneity is good. Combined, they're money.

-Good lord, their is an incredibly hot boy who hangs out in the basement level of the Pour House, like, all the time. He reminds me of the bartender from the show Wonderfalls, only more unkempt.

-Speaking of boys, a certain one who I have harbored an afar crush on for a very sad amount of time sent me a message through Friendster. How very 2003 of him. But because he's a DJ and has tattoos I will let it slide and write back to him.

-Work has returned to being intellectually unstimulating. And my coworkers have turned condescending and micromanegerial. Perhaps they sense my boredom and feel it necessary to "inspire" me to action by reminding me of the same deliverable once every 2 minutes. Regardless, it's annoying and makes me wish I didn't have an office job, something I wish several times a week anyway, regardless of how well my job here is going. Grad school, I hear thee beckoning...

-I'm finding it unnerving to work in a place with bureaucracy, but also where it is implied that there are hidden systems monitoring your activities but that management claims aren't there. For instance, management is all "of course we don't read your emails" while people who have worked here for years are like "dude, they totally read your email." Makes me wonder what else they monitor. Also makes me wonder what lies behind my boss's cheerleaderesque Type-A personality.

(Paranoid? Moi?)

-Not have a check card is not fun. So far this week I have spent a total of 8 dollars (mostly in quarters). Thank goodness for three things in this situation. 1.) The organic produce service I signed up for that delivered a 12 pound box of fruit and veggies to my door step last week; 2.) The box of pasta I had in my cabinet awaiting some sort of food emergency; 3.) My Smartrip card. One can survive for days on produce and pasta, and my Smartrip card had 60 dollars on it on Monday, and is taking care of all my transportation needs. I will also give an honorable mention to Jeff, my favorite Pour House waiter, who bought me two shots of JD on Tuesday, after a rather frustrating and long day at work. Hopefully my new card will come soon and I can return to my previous life of irresponsible spending.

-Cycling classes at Results the Gym. Wow. I used to go religiously then got sidetracked. I think because I got a social life and didn't know how to balance drinking with working out. This resulted in me gaining a bit of weight and realizing a while back, wow, my ass is getting really fat. Luckily, I realized this in February, not April, so there's plenty of time to get into "bikini shape" as the women's magazines would say. Not that I aspire to "bikini shape", I know I'd never keep it up. Short skirt and tank top shape is sufficient, thanks. Anyway, my approach to shedding the flab is to cut down on alcohol and up the intensity of my workouts. Thus, I have gone to cycling/spinning twice this week. I can't describe the surge in energy this has produced. It's like living inside somebody else's body. Hopefully some day soon it will be somebody else's body that looks slamming in a pair of designer jeans.

-Project Runway. I feel really let down. Chloe seems like a nice woman and all, but I just don't see what's so wonderful about her designs. They just look rather boring to me. And please, her runway collection? What was up with that green flowered material and the poofy stuff? Still, if the universe owes Chloe some good fortune after spending the better part of her childhood in an internment camp, well, I suppose the PR title is something. Still, I was secretly hoping Santino would pull off the win.


Blogger Michael J. West said...

run-in with insane cab driver= impromptu visit to jail at 4:00 am and a scolding from the Capitol Police. I shit you not

Forgive me, dearest, but you can't leave your readers dangling with a tantalizing clue like that and then simply abandon it!

6:59 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

Okay, it's like this. I got a cab, thinking I had 20+ dollars in cash. But a block from my house I realized I actually just had 5 dollars, aprox 7 dollars short of what I needed (if you include tip). Rather than letting it slide, the driver freaked out and decided to take me to the jail in sw dc to resolve the issue, which meant having to call Lizzy and get her to bring me cash to pay him with. Cab driver was screaming at me in the po-lice station, saying how I was a scam artist, etc. Police were all "well if you hadn't been drinking..." Ironically, I had consumed a fraction of what I normally drink on your average Saturday. Funny how responsible drinking leads me to a lecture on alcohol consumption by the fuzz but drinking to oblivion just gets me a hangover. It was all rather scary and demeaning.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's crazy... I can't believe the cabbie would pull that. (And I can't believe how awkward a phone call that would be at 4:00 in the morning... "help, I need 7 dollars! Come to Southwest!'

As for Results & Cycling? Awesome! (I miss that gym....)

- DS

3:14 PM  
Blogger Michael J. West said...

A story so weird and unpleasant that I'm not sure what the most bizarre aspect is, but somehow I'm focused on this: why would the cab driver who was one block from your house then go HALFWAY across town to the Southwest police station? There's a jail on U Street.

5:04 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

I told my roommate K this story the next morning and he was all "why didn't you call me?" Well, because it was late and I thought he'd be hooking up or sleeping. He said that next time I should call him regardless, which was comforting.

There's this awesome cabbie who often picks me up on the Hill. I've had him enough times that he knows me and is really sweet to me. I know that if it had been him he would have swallowed the difference and I would have tipped him nicely next time. Considering all the money I give to cabs in DC you'd think just this once, it could have slid. But nooooo.

As for the U Street station, I dunno. This dude was clearly nuts though so his little lapse in reasoning is hardly a surprise.

6:17 PM  

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