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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not Fair!

Do you ever have those days at work when you feel like pouting, stomping your feet and shouting "Not Fair!" in response to one of your manager's directives? Totally immature, I know. But I am having one of those days.

After putting in a solid attempt to carry myself with more poise and composure around the office, with the hope that one of the stupid senior managers might someday appreciate my contributions to the organization and give me a promotion, I have found myself, in the past half an hour on the verge of undoing all that good karma I have created for myself.

The details are unimportant. But let's say that a certain set of tasks that I requested be evenly spread out among members of our "team" have all been foisted upon me, with no appreciation on the part of my manager for the fact that the a.) suck a** and 2.) are a huge time burden.

A diplomatic email has been sent in response to her directive. There is nothing I can do but suck it up and do the work. And I will do so, while wondering what good it will do anyone in the end. Right, I didn't mention that what I am doing is something we promised the client we'd do, but something that is not actually profiting us in any way. In other words, the return on our investment here is nill.

Speaking of returns on investments, Lulu raised a brilliant point to me the other day in regards to my on-going saga with a certain boy who shall not be named, but who I was once convinced represented some sort of oh-so-romantic star-crossed lovers scenario. In realizing that I was forever doting on this character while he did nothing but lead me on, profess feelings for me, and then get a girlfriend, I became rather irate with the situation not very long ago. I mean, who does that? Yesterday Lulu pointed out that relationships are like financial investments--if they're not reaping a return on par to what you put into them, why bother.

I couldn't agree more. Here, here Lulu.

Sorry for the disjointed nature of today's post. I just thought that maybe some of you out there in blog-land could sympathize.


Blogger Ryane said...

I can sympathize with your work situation more than you know...

As for the boy, Lulu is right: if you aren't getting a return on your investment equal to what you put into it, page the next relationship to the room. You deserve more!! (We all do!).

2:06 AM  
Blogger LuLu said...

ROI. Best acronym ever.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Irish Red said...

sorry just commenting now - yes on Thursday I wanted to stomp my feet too and say - NO NO FAIR! I"M GOING TO TELL!

so yes,...i sympathize

5:17 AM  

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