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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sharepod? Not So Much

A co-worker of mine graciously left his iPod in my care while he ran off to a meeting so that I could download some music I've been sweating forever but have been too cheap to purchase. I was practically buzzing with glee as I downloaded the semi-new Franz Ferd; Artic Monkeys; Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!; Flogging Molly; Lucinda Williams; Sufjan Stevens; an old Stereolab I listened to non-stop in college but long ago lost; the Magic Numbers and a bunch of other random tracks. Between this and my plans to blow off work early to get a pedicure, attend happy hour and hit a Nats game, today was shaping up to be a lovely one indeed.

But then a glitch was hit and I have yet to find my way around it. So I have the music files on my computer, but I don't have i-Tunes at work. Long ago, I had I-Tunes at work, but downloading it violated the company's IT policy so when I received a new computer last winter i-Tunes did not make the journey to my new machine. I was tempted to say eff it to the rules again, but the possibility of incurring the wrath of IT proved an effective deterrent. IT is already very generous with me given the fact that I'm sure they know I blog and check my internet email accounts 100 million times a day. Moreover, I have been flirting with IT since I arrived at this office last August since I figure its always good to have them on your side, and so far it's worked out pretty well--I have a cute boy to flirt with at work and when I needed a new computer I didn't have to wait. So i-Tunes was out.

Next I figured that I could simply download Sharepod, the software that enabled my coworker's music to travel to my computer in the first place. This seemed like a surefire practical solution and I was pleased with my ingenuity, if you can even call it that as its a pretty obvious solution. But no matter. I downloaded Sharepod and my plan appeared to be on track.

And then it happened. Sharepod will not copy itself to my iPod no matter how nicely I ask it to. My computer insists on "reformatting" the drive my iPod shows up as, which I suspect in human terms translates to "erase everything", an option I am not willing to pursue. So now I am stuck. I have 178 new songs to import into my iPod and no way of accomplishing this task.

If I try installing Sharepod onto my iPod from my own computer (an iBook) and then tried copying the files on Monday, would that do the trick?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may have a Windows / Mac conflict. The iPod setup is different, and at least when using iTunes you can't share an iPod between Mac and PC. So if your friend uses Windows, you may have to transfer your music to a PC then download it.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can you drop the files onto a jump drive or thumb port and take them to your home pc and drop them into itunes there and then put 'em on your ipod? or put 'em on a zip disc and take 'em home and upload to itunes?

7:00 PM  
Blogger aL said...

DRM? if so, your options might be a little more limited.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

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2:51 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

Problem solved. The same coworker lent me his thumbdrive and i simply copied everything on to that and that into my computer at home and then on to my ipod.

9:20 PM  

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