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Thursday, February 16, 2006

He's Here, He's Weir, Get Used to It

With Michelle Kwan's withdrawal from the Olympics last weekend the number of reasons for US viewers to be excited about this year's games are dwindling. But take heart, you can always entertain yourself with the antics of men's figure skater Johnny Weir. The apparent enfant terrible of the contemporary skating, this kid not only delights with his brash sound bites off the ice, but can back them up with masterful performances on the ice. Tonight NBC will telecast the men's free skate where Weir will attempt to retain his second-place position. For more on Weir check out this article.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, he's Weir all right. and fit for obiedom. i've heard him talk.

11:22 PM  
Blogger McQueeney said...

Sorry there GM, but he didn't quite show up, finished 5th. And wow, I know I could not wear that outfit out in public unless it was Halloween, and only maybe then.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't I hear on the radio that he did pretty poorly - just another "we build you up so you can knock yourself down" of American Olympic heros.

(Except for the snowboarders - who are friggin' awesome.)


9:01 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

yeah, he bit it. poor boy.
and yes, i believe my affection for him stems from his oberlin-boyness. snap, he's simply so fabulous. in his hideous outfits and all, although mcqueeney, i would pay money to see you in such a get up.

9:21 PM  

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