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Monday, April 10, 2006

Hangover Food

Fresh from the weekend, I thought I'd touch on a subject familiar to many of us: hangover food. Opinions about this vary widely. Some say its better to not eat when recovering from a bender, while other swear by the therapeutic effects of a nice greasy meal. I for one, have never been able to understand the grease approach. Sure, a burger rare with provolone seems perfect in theory, but the actual realization of that idea is never so successful. Two bites, and I usually abandon it for a second bloody mary, also usually not such a great plan. The more I experience the unseemly aspects of alcohol consumption the more I am realizing that when it comes to hangover food, I crave flavors that are clean and crisp--usually the polar opposite of the dried out, shriveled, fuzzy mess that i am. Earlier today macaroni and cheese sounded like just the thing to spring my body back to life after a night of post-kickball revelry. I was wrong. Too much mushy, salty goo for my already stressed out system to enjoy. But the California rolls that I thought to pick up delivered the goods. Could sushi be the perfect hangover food? It sounds weird, but between the cleanness of the rice and the nice smooth avocado, my stomach was temporarily at peace. I will of course, continue to investigate this. In the meantime, here is my list of hangover food yesses and nos.

Yes: Sushi, mashed potatoes, ice cream, gatorade.

No: Red meat, lettuce, anything fried, more alcohol, anything from 7-11.

Speaking of kickball, it looks like I'm attracting more DC Star readers. Hey guys!


Blogger princepurple said...

um... i stand firmly beside the "hair of the dog" approach. it really does work. if i can, i try to have a beer around the house the day after a bender (or any day)... it usually helps if it is the same brand or at least type of beer that you preserved your liver in the evening before.

if nursing a hangover, i suggest eating a little (like some toast or something), drinking a coffee (if you drink coffee), smoking a cig (if you smoke), taking a poop (if you smoke and drink coffee), getting that beer and wash down a couple of pain killers while guzzling said beer. the beer will not taste good. i usually crush up pills (ton of bricks) and that makes the mouth taste even nastier while drink the damn beer. then i brush my teeth, and go back to bed.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Hey Pretty said...

in all honesty, smoking a bowl and sitting outside in the nice warm sunshine is probably the best cure ever, but that's often not an option.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous the good doctor said...

hey pretty - amen.

2:22 PM  

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