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Monday, January 24, 2005

I am so psyched. My Prose Before Hos tee shirt arrived on Saturday. I can't wait to wear it to attract what three non-shallow literary boyz exist in DC. Since I couldn't narrow it down to one, I purchased this gem as well. Now, lovely as they are I have one gripe. What is up with American Apparel, the uber trendy tee shirt company that everyone seems to be using for their shirts these days? I get and very much dig their approach to anti-sweatshop labor, but their sizes are insane. As a busty 5 foot 2 I ordered a large thinking it would suffice. It does, but just barely. If little ole curvy me fills out a large, I shudder to think how women who are say, above average will fare. No clever tee shirts for you gals, alas. Unless of course, you buy it in a men's size.


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