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Friday, April 16, 2004

have you considered just stealing her boyfriend?

a funny and insightful friend of mine said the following of this the article (see below): "interesting how the author says that reno's attire suggests a refusal to be judged, and yet when it's all said and done, judging her is exactly what the author is requiring us to do."

here's my take...

Letter to the Washington Post:
Thank you so much for your illuminating column deconstructing the latest fashion choices of former Attorney General Janet Reno (Janet Reno, Plainly Suiting Her Fancy, Friday, April 16th). Normally one would imagine that achieving the highest law enforcement position in the country would make somebody immune to having their aesthetic preferences meticulously dissected by the national media. Yet even in our supposedly enlightened age it seems that even if a woman works hard and is intelligent to make remarkable gains in her chosen profession, the world will still hem and haw over details as trivial as the color of her suit and details of her lapels. Please, when was the last time a national publication dedicated the precious column space to obsessing over Donald Rumsfeld’s wardrobe? While it is true that almost all prominent figures in national politics, as well as other areas of society such as sports and entertainment, are placed under close public scrutiny, our interest in the bodies, faces, and panty hose of famous women is disturbingly obsessive.

Ruminations on the lipstick color of our nation’s most prominent women in public policy send conflicting and demoralizing messages to women of all ages, especially girls. Why encourage the women of future generations to sharpen their minds and hone their abilities to compete in what remains a very male-dominated professional arena if what they will be noticed for is their disinterest in hair styling products? One can only hope that this column was penned in jest. Otherwise, what other snarky and shallow issues does the Washington Post hope to explore in the future, meditations on the correlation between the shade of Condoleeza Rice’s body mass index and her IQ? On second thought, don’t answer that.


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