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Friday, May 13, 2005

Hey Pretty Gets A Face Lift!

Yes dear readers, a new day brings a new look. Hey Pretty has shrugged off its drab black garb for something a little lighter for the summer.

So, two very generous fellow bloggers (whose blogs are actually informative, rather than whatever this is) have dedicated ether space to yours truely. Time to return the favor.

1.) For random insights on music history, tune your dials to Musical Guru . It's written by my friend Mike, who is the only person I ever ask about music these days because he knows more than anyone else anyway. And he's Erin's boyfriend.

2.) For writing that is far funnier than mine, mosey on over to Baggy Pants and Bravado, written by Noah, who I went to high school with. Noah was the kid in high school who not only wrote plays, but wrote funny plays that people actually wanted to put on and act in. If there could have been such a thing as a 15 year old male Wendy Wasserstein back in the early 90's, that would have been him.

And finally, from the SF Chronical's Weird News, we have this link about a new day of celebration in Brazil that, if you think about it, shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.


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